Global Calligraphy Vienna

The Global Calligraphy Vienna is an international non-profit Art association based in Vienna – Austria committing its activities to practice and preserve the beauty of calligraphy. It promotes not only western calligraphy but the study, practice and teaching of calligraphy and related disciplines of other languages.

The main idea behind the Global Calligraphy Vienna is to establish a point for calligraphy lovers in Austria where calligraphists can discuss and share their ideas and thoughts but also encourages them to exchange these ideas through regular meetings, workshops, group exhibitions and connecting them with other calligraphic associations.

The association is a charity registered with the Austrian Association Commission under the No. 782903232 and is therefore a properly constituted, non-profit organisation. It belongs to its members each of whom have equal voting rights.
We are calligraphers from different countries, living in Vienna and connected by our passion for the written word.